Our Mission

Our mission is to enable high quality medical billing and coding through accurate data capture, coverage verification and accessible documentation. We have adopted the latest advances in cloud computing and web-based software technology and applied them to improve the medical billing and record keeping process. We believe we can meaningfully lower costs and improve revenue collection through our integrated web-based applications.

We are passionate about offering the highest quality software technology and services to providers seeing to be compensated for their services. To independent medical billers who share our commitment we offer our web-based applications and integrated back office services that allow them to securely communicate with their providers and process collections much more efficiently and accurately.

While our software technology is among the best in the market, we are committed to continuous enhancements. Users will be automatically upgraded to additional capabilities including document management tools, sophisticated provider fee schedules and automated denial appeals.

Our confidence in the quality of our technology and services is proven every time an independent biller partner seeks an ownership transition, because we are willing to acquire the business of any of our partners at any time. Our partners are under no obligation to sell their business to us, but enjoy the assurance that a long term vision exists when the relationship begins.