Provider Net PM and EHR are an integrated platform allowing error-free and fast processing of claims

NPN offers real-time, electronic health insurance eligibility verification, authorizations and coverage details

Easy-to-use medical office electronic appointment scheduler Simplify and lower technology costs and complexity.

NPN’s comprehensive rules engine is continuously updated to reflect changing payer rules and other enhancements with no disruption.

Medical offices do not need expensive hardware, just an internet connection and common browsers.

No upfront cost for the software.

Works with standard or touch screen desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices.
Information is backed up automatically and is always accessible through HIPPA compliant connections. Improve collections and cashflow.

Integrated electronic information reduces billing errors

Customized electronic superbills can be created and submitted with a few clicks.

All claims are checked for accuracy before submission.

Claim status is available online in real time.

Manage denial appeals efficiently with easy access to all documents stored electronically.

Be compensated fairly and bill accurately NPN tracks each claim and monitors it against the expected payment amount and payment date.

Exceptions are highlighted for management attention.

Accurate billing increases revenues, cash flow, reduces denials and increases patient satisfaction. Be positioned for the future of EHR and “cloud computing”.

Web-based applications offer many advantages

NPN’s application allows providers to create, scan and import documents and images of many file types which are easy to store, secure and retrieve.

NPN is committed to maintaining standards of interoperability with all eligible EHR applications as they become certified.

Electronic prescription capability is also available

Go paperless NPN can customize electronic versions of patient encounter forms including superbills in use by a provider.

This eliminates the need for faxing, scanning, filing and the data entry errors that inevitably result from paper processing.

If paper or dictated information is preferred such records are stored electronically in the patient record for easy access.

Secure your information

All connections are HIPPA compliant. Files can be encrypted and viewed only by authorized parties.

Different levels of authority and access View information about the practice NPN’s applications can produce tables and graphic displays of critical financial and operating performance data.

Cash flow can be accurately projected and maximized. Improve communication between providers, assistants, billers and management.

NPN’s systems allow easy creation, viewing and retrieval of information as well as messaging between parties.

Participants can work remotely: from another location or home as if they were at the next desk or office. Outsourced medical billing and collection activity can be made much more efficient and accurate reducing its cost.